NO MORE YEARS: A Retrospective


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released November 24, 2016

Guest Vox on Track 12: Sara Jones



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BADHOMBRES Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

I cannot fathom how we got to this point.

nothing but rats having sex to push a communist agenda

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Track Name: #LOCKHIMUP
gitmo ain't big enough
gonna buy a private island
and fill it with my detractors
i'm not the bully
i'm the victim here
lock 'em up
Track Name: The Fix Is In
the system is rigged
but not against you
temper tantrums won't change the facts
nobody wants to elect a fucking meme
Track Name: Draining The Swamp
what are you doing in my swamp

stuff all my enemies in a bunch of rugs
and send them down the potomac

i'll see you at the bottom
Track Name: You Know It, I Know It, Everybody Knows It
cite your fucking sources
donnie boy
this isn't how you make the grade
you know it
i know it
everybody knows it
Track Name: God Emperor Trump
who's the puppet now?
cut yr strings from the controls
stop doing yr idiot dance

Track Name: Small Mind Small Hands
are you fucking kidding me donald?
do you not possess enough intellectual depth to talk about something other than your dick for longer than 5 minutes?
small mind.
small hands.
Track Name: The Wall
i'll build a wall around this country the same way i built a wall around my shriveled heart. ain't nobody gettin in. big man with a big plan. if you don't like it, i'll put some walls around you too.

no. walls.
Track Name: Nazi Tr*mps Fuck Off
Rage against the dying of the light all you want. The sun is setting on your world and it ain't fucking rising again.

You don't even deserve to be a footnote.

Ashes to ashes. Shit to shit.

Nuremberg or bust.
Track Name: The Basket of Deplorables Pt. 2 (The Art of the Steal)
Overcompensation jokes aside, that arsenal you're stockpiling isn't going to do shit for you when the government comes knockin.

Tanks, choppers, and unmanned drones; and all you've got is a pea-shooter.

Who watches the watchdogs?

Little pee-shooters.
Track Name: \ /ictory Song
Buried in a landslide.

No validation. No reinforcement. No reward. No joy. No elation.
Swallow your bitter fucking pill. No place for you. No room for you.

There's no room at the inn.

Get buried in a fucking landslide.
Track Name: The Dude From Cattle Decap Stole My Idea and This Song Will Probably Be Over Before You Finish Reading the Title (How I Learned to Stop Bitching and Love the Bomb)
"Anal Trump" is really obvious and lazy that's really my only major gripe.